Orlando takes its inspiration from a legendary character, so immensely evocative that he has whetted the curiosity of countless poets and writers over the century. The Orlando that has been the true guide of this first issue is the fearless knight recounted by Ludovico Ariosto in his Furioso. 

He might indeed have been a lover of a great battles, yet Orlando’s soul shouldered more passionately beneath a fire of a different nature, the flame of love! Our hero is mad for love, he wanders the seas and mountains till the moon to get back his wits that he lost for the love of Angelica. 

We are moved from the same flame, the furor of the magazine is represented by a ceaseless expressive research and multiple sectors of interest. We are also ready to take you to the moon with our texts and artworks.

In this Issue we had amazing guests at the Orlando Hotel:

Luigi Serafini, genius author of the Codex Seraphinianus, the iper-realiste painter Miriam Escofet, who has portrait the Queen Elisabeth the II, the brilliant contemporary composer Stefano Fasce, the American artist Ian Fisher, famous for his dreamy clouds, then we have the wallpaper designer Anna Glover, the flowers photographer Kreetta Järvenpää, the magic illustrator Elisa Seitzinger.


Each issue of Orlando is guided by an Editorial literary theme, a novel, which is translated into images by the Art direction of Antonella Dellepiane Pescetto. Unique Short Art Movies (Our Tales) are also created by Orlando, inspired by these novels.

You can see the one inspired by Ludovico Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso

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Each issue of Orlando matches its articles to a special playlist. To get you in a sensorial experience, read all the articles with this tracks on background. This is a real other magazine, developed in music.