Are you ready to discover the incredible world of meta-narration?

Meta-narration is all over the art world: in literature we can remember Ulysses by the Phaeacians telling them his adventures, the Canterbury Tales by Chaucer, or the One Thousand and One Nights. In theatre meta-narrative has been Pirandello, in cinema Pasolini or Lynch. In the arts, do you remember the Arnolfini portrait by Van Eyck or Las meninas by Velasques? In these paintings you will have two different reading levels. The first one is apparent, the second one is hidden, ready to be discovered by a curious eye and soul.

This Issue has been inspired by the One Thousand and One Nights and celebrates Sherazade as the heroin who saved women of her generation thanks to the power of storytelling.

In this issue have interviewed fascinating artists such as Luke Edward Hall, Sergio Roger, Azuma Makoto, Sara Ricciardi, and many others.


Each issue of Orlando is guided by an Editorial literary theme, a myth in this case, which is translated into images and video by the Art direction of Antonella Dellepiane Pescetto.

Discover our Short Art Movie (Our Tale) inspired by The One Thousand and One Nights here:

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Each issue of Orlando matches its articles to a special playlist. To get you in a sensorial experience, read all the articles with this tracks on background. This is a real other magazine, developed in music.