Giclee Signed Print Limited Edition of 100
Hahnemülhe Photo Rag 308 gsm
Available in one size

Image size: 76 cm x 64.5 cm, 30” x 25.5”
Paper size: 84 cm x 72.5 cm, 33” x 28.5”

The Witching Hour

Part of the Myths & Legends prints series

I find origin stories and concepts of archaic pasts fascinating as they resonate strongly with something very deep in the human psyche. Through telling and time these stories become Myths and Legends, which seem to merge our need to understand the universe and all its phenomena with our sense of magical connection to it. I have often explored these themes in my paintings and have selected four works, which I feel most directly communicate these ideas, for this print series.

The Witching Hour explores ideas of magical forests, a very common theme in folklore and tales. Trees are the great edifices of the plant world, they can feel benefic or malevolent and the woods have often been a place of encounter, ambivalence and transformation in fairytales and in our unconscious. This painting aims to explore this sense of mystery and enchantment.

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