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“Welcome to the only hotel
in the world where the most
authentic beauty is celebrated”

This is what you might hear being whispered to you when you turn the pages of Orlando, the first magazine in the world that has been conceived to be “lived in”, inhabited…


Orlando is the fruit of an outcome of an encounter with beauty – beauty in all its multitude of forms: figurative arts, literature, food, music, philosophy and theatre. We have striven to conceive our magazine as an imaginary hotel, subdivided into different storeys inhabited by differing suggestions in which each and every “guest” might feel free to explore, observe and “live” beauty until it might enter into the very soul… Just like an errant knight, Orlando constantly searches for the protagonists of the whole situation, the works and the most interesting happenings in contemporary culture – selecting them and offering them to its readership in an entirely new guise, both elegant as well as extremely curated in form and detail.


Orlando Magazine places its artists at the very centre of its philosophy, offering its readers personalised works and commissions, exclusive shootings and conversations, tiny yet enormous pearls of uniqueness that make every single issue an unmissable event. Orlando has now opened the doors…

please, make yourselves at home!

Walk up and down the stairs,

dodge the comma

and find your spot.


”If only you showed your heart, just as you would show your face”


wrote Ariosto in his much-celebrated poem “Orlando Furioso” – the title of which was the inspiration for the name of our magazine. And, let there be no mistaking, it’s right from the centre of our hearts, from our most heart-felt enthusiasm that this journey, undertaken by Orlando, has begun to move its very first few steps… With thanks to Antonella Pescetto’s initial dream and to the work of Flavia Scarano, Gemma Pizza and Francesca Ametrano – four women – four professionals – who have all been motivated by the greatest of passions towards the worlds of Art, Beauty and Culture.

Orlando has come about from a common font of inspiration and from a dream brimming with ambitious ideas. A magazine to live “within”, to “inhabit”, a project – Orlando has not once ceased, from its very beginnings, to evolve.  It has been dominated by a spasmodic yet constant search for the discovery of unexpected corners of beauty with each and every piece of content that animates its pages, the outcome of a productive collaboration of enthusiastic, famous and emerging personalities from the cultural and artistic world in Italy and far beyond. Exclusive interviews and information, personalised artistic commissions, photographic shootings and much else besides are merely just some of the surprises awaiting Orlando’s readers. A place to meet, a sort of “magazine/hotel” where we can award ourselves with a regenerating cultural moment, stepping away from the daily hectic rush of our lives so we can immerse ourselves in a new dimension in which we are able to encounter and discover all the shapes and shades of beauty that surround us…

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Orlando n.1


Annual subscription

2 issues €45,00

The first issue of Orlando has been inspired by the valiant knight, Orlando Furioso, created by Ludovico Ariosto in the 16th century.


Our editorial retraces his story in a highly contemporary key.
Inside this issue you will find hyper-Realist artists like Miriam Escofet as well as Surrealist and visionary artists like Luigi Serafini.

Melissa Forti’s delights will whet your appetites, the scent from the history of perfume in both Italy and France will inebriate you and the musical notes created by Stefano Fasce will be accompanying you on a multi-sensorial journey which will satiate your senses of sight, smell, taste and hearing.

Discover, along with us, this hotel-like magazine, room after room, floor upon floor, and take a glimpse into its most hidden corners and let yourselves be taken aback by all of the beauty that there is in the small things of life.




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Antonella Pescetto

Founder & Creative Director


Flavia Scarano

Editor in Chief


Gemma Pizza

Managing Editor


Francesca Ametrano

Business Manager

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